WP 6 Electric Mobility Information Centres

The purpose of this work package has been to plan, prepare and establish E-Mobility Information Centres (EMICs) and to share transnational experience and learning within the North Sea Region and beyond. The main objective of WP6 has been to analyse and understand the E-Mobility information gaps among private, companies and public authorities and to document ways of bridging these gaps with independent, valid information made accessible through EMICs.


Mapping of private/public E-Mobility information gaps and awareness needs

Preparation and establishment of both virtual and psychical EMIC

Showcasing E-Mobility market solutions and promoting the North Sea Region as a sustainable region through exhibitions, expert sessions, demonstrations and campaigns

Increasing private/public E-Mobility awareness through public events, exhibitions, demonstrations and dissemination

Preparation, dissemination of EMIC set-up guide



In its initial phase, the work package focussed on generating the necessary knowledge and insight platform to enable the development of EMICs. The main activities relating to this phase were as follows:

  • Stakeholder analysis to identify relevant private/public entities with the ability to contribute to the development of EMICs
  • E-Mobility awareness and information gap analysis
  • Strategy and recommendations for establishing virtual and physical EMICs

The second phase of this work package focussed on the development of physical and virtual EMICs. The main activities relating to this phase were as follows:

  • Development and launch of a virtual (web-based) EMIC – www.elbiler.nu – including general E-Mobility information, targeting both private companies and public institutions, case stories from EV users as well as a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and CO2 calculator enabling users to estimate financial and environmental impacts of shifting from fossil cars to electric vehicles.
  • Development and launch of a physical, mobile EMIC with general E-Mobility information addressed to private, companies and public institutions and on-line access to the virtual EMIC. The mobile EMIC booth is represented by an EV expert to answer questions and to offer test drives in an electric vehicle, as part of the mobile EMIC set-up
  • Establishing further EMIC service points in selected partner countries

The third phase of the work package focused on creating awareness, disseminating results, and knowledge sharing. The main activities relating to this part of WP6 were as follows:

  • Transnational EV conferences, for example on the theme of “Electric vehicles – what needs to be done from the user perspective”, with the participation of all E-mobility NSR beneficiaries, representatives from Interreg IVB and public visitors
  • Participating in and hosting of a number of public EV events throughout the NSR by all partners
  • Recommendation report on the establishment of EMICs in the NSR

Read up on outcomes and main findings in our final results brochure.