WP 3 State of the Art Inventory & Stakeholder Analysis

Within the project E-Mobility NSR, this work package focused particularly on the governance and spatial aspects of the transition to electric mobility on the local and regional level. On the one hand, this provided a sound knowledge base for project operations; on the other hand it also resulted in a number of insights and recommendations for policy in this field. Suitable scientific research methods such as surveys, quantitative analysis, policy analysis and interactive expert meetings (applying for example a Group Decision Room method) were applied in order to gather information and generate research findings.


Mapping and analysis of existing policies and practices regarding the transition to electric mobility

Exploring various issues related to the implementation of electric mobility in the built environment

Gaining insight in the specific roles of public and private actors

Analysing the potential for electric mobility on the basis of consumers’ travel behaviour


The work package entailed the following activities:

  • a stakeholder analysis
  • an inventory of the state of the art regarding e-mobility policies in partner countries as well as on the European level
  • an expert meeting including local policy makers from partner cities
  • an analysis of the implementation of charging infrastructure on the macro and micro level, and the relations between these levels
  • a study of the governance complexity related to the transition to e-mobility
  • in-depth papers and discussion meetings on the spatial and policy effects of e-mobility
  • an analysis of consumers’ preferences regarding e-mobility

Read up on outcomes and main findings in our final results brochure.