17. February 2014

New report: Standardization of EV recharging infrastructures

The team at TU Delft have compiled a report which provides a concise history of the emergence of various EV recharging standards and an overview of ...[les mer]

11. February 2014

International analysis: Stakeholder strategies for realization of electric vehicle recharging infrastructure

The E-Mobility NSR team at TU Delft has conducted an international analysis of current stakeholder strategies and agents involved in the set up of EV ...[les mer]

16. December 2013

Northumbria research on impact on the network of EV charging presented at EVS27 in Barcelona

We know that charging the EV in the evening can add to the load on already stressed low voltage networks, and if many people charge their EVs at this ...[les mer]

16. December 2013

Conference Announcement: ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND ECO CARS - Solutions for Green Growth

Throughout Europe, city-regions are championing the development and use of electric vehicles (EVs) and other Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs). ...[les mer]

13. December 2013

New report: Analysis of user needs for ICT solutions assisting the driver

The report for Activity 7.5 "Analysis of user needs for ICT solutions assisting the driver" has just been finished and is available now for ...[les mer]

22. November 2013

Call for Papers: "E- Mobility in Europe: Trends and Good Practice"

Electric Mobility is one of the fastest-growing areas in modern times, linking engineering, infra-structure, environment, transport and sustainable ...[les mer]

13. November 2013

New Northumbria paper: The Effect of Cycling on the State of Health of the Electric Vehicle Battery

Four E-Mobility NSR colleagues at Northumbria University - Gilian Lacey, Ghanim Putrus, Tianxiang Jiang and Richard Kotter - recently published a new ...[les mer]

06. November 2013

Launch of Dutch E-Mobility Help Desk during Ecomobiel conference 2013

The Province of Nord Holland partnered with MRA-Electric to host a booth at this year’s Ecomobiel, the largest annual exhibition and fair in the ...[les mer]

06. November 2013

A week full of e-mobility by Province of North Holland and Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam

On October 10th, the Dutch E-mobility NSR project partners, Province Noord-Holland and Metropole Region Amsterdam Electric (MRA-E), organized a large ...[les mer]

21. October 2013

Transnational survey on potential EV consumer profile starts end of October

By the end of October 2013, a transnational survey on “ Potential Consumer’s Profile” will go online. As part of the Work Package 3.8, E-Mobility NSR ...[les mer]