Fostering Electric Mobility in the NSR Region - E-Mobility NSR Final Results Conference

1 September 2014, 1 – 5pm, Handelskammer Hamburg, Germany

At present, several cities and regions in Europe and in the North Sea Region are developing strategies and action plans to bring forth electric mobility. To achieve this objective, a range of different incentives are currently being developed throughout Europe to seize the potential of electric mobility. However, to date many of these activities are neither well synchronized nor aligned with one another, so that realization is actually confined to only a few cities or regions.

As a result, many opportunities for further development and growth of this future key mobility sector remain unexploited. It is against this background that the project North Sea Electric Mobility Network (E-Mobility NSR) has been initialised. It is the project's aim to help to create favorable conditions to promote the common development of e-mobility in the North Sea Region.

Aim of the conference

During the last three years, 11 partners from 7 countries around the North Sea have worked together to foster the development and the promotion of electric mobility in the North Sea Region. A lot of themes and issues were tackled during the implementation of the project. This conference will highlight the most important project results and achievements of the E-Mobility NSR project in the field of stakeholder behavior, charging infrastructure, smart grid solutions, transnational information about electric mobility as well as efficient and effective urban sustainable freight logistics solutions to enhance regional accessibility.

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Towards a sustainable mobility – the future of electric mobility in Europe
Dr. Martijn van der Steen, Netherlands School of Public Administration, The Netherlands
Presentation 01

E-Mobility NSR – the project in a nutshell
Prof. Dr. Walter Leal, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany Presentation 02

Electric mobility in the North Sea Region – State of the art inventory and stakeholder analysis
Jan Jacob Trip, TU Delft, The Netherlands
Presentation 03

Towards transnational e-mobility travels
Leif Axelsson, PhD, Lindholmen Science Park, Sweden
Presentation 04

The role of EV consumer behavior in smart grid solutions
Prof. Dr. ir. Sidharta Gautama, IOF Innovation Centre i-KNOW-UGent, Belgium
Presentation 05

Bridging the E-Mobility information gap with E-Mobility Information Centers in the North Sea Region
Steen Olesen, Climate Consultant, Municipality of Høje-Taastrup, Kathrine Fjendbo Joergensen, Copenhagen Electric, Denmark
Presentation 06 Part I
Presentation 06 Part II

Creating Efficient & Effective Urban Freight Logistics Solutions in the North Sea Region
Michael Stie Laugesen, Head of Transportation and Planning Section, FDT - Association of Danish Transport and Logistics Centres, Denmark
Presentation 07