06. October 2014

Final newsletter + results brochure featuring E-Mobility NSR project results

The final newsletter of E-Mobility NSR is ready for dissemination: Read about a good set of project results, review latest project activities and use ...[mere]

02. October 2014

Best practices guide: Start a local drive electric initiative!

Developed by E-Mobility NSR partner Province of North Holland, this best practice guide enables you as local level actor to start up an own drive ...[mere]

17. September 2014

Latest EV Index screens EV sales and production in 12 countries – NL and N strong through EV fleets

According to EV news service electrive.com, Since 2010, the Electric Vehicles Index, developed by McKinsey, offers four times a year insights from a ...[mere]

15. September 2014

EV in a pocket format– Ugent developed smartphone app e.CODRIVER

The team at Gent University has developed a smartphone app which can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play ...[mere]

10. September 2014

Transnational e-mobility study: Emergent strategies for an emergent technology

The new transnational study provides empirical evidence of policy options for governments which want to support the introduction of electric ...[mere]

08. September 2014

Presentation of final project results in Hamburg

On September 1, 2014, lead partner Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg), with active support of the entire consortium, held a last ...[mere]

03. September 2014

EV light freight vehicles well suited for last-mile delivery according to NSR city action plans

Electric freight vehicles are an appropriate means for small scale freight transport over shorter distances in urban areas. This is the main ...[mere]

18. August 2014

First German electric mobility law to bring more EVs on the street

Germany’s minister of transfer Alexander Dobrindt is confident that, in 2014,  the first electric mobility law will be passed. According to the ...[mere]

14. August 2014

BYD all-electric light truck may revolutionize inner-city transport in China

According to CarNewsChina.com, Chinese company BYD may hold a key to substantially improving inner city air quality in China: With its new T5 light ...[mere]

06. August 2014

Electric motorway between Los Angeles and Long Beach

According to SPIEGEL Online, Siemens closed a contract with the Southern Californian environmental authority to electrify the Californian Interstate ...[mere]