17. June 2015

New Springer publication: E-Mobility in Europe – Trends and Good Practice

Focusing on technical, policy and social/societal practices and innovations for electrified...

17. March 2015

One step at a time: A complexity perspective for the next generation of EV policy

A Dutch team of E-Mobility NSR colleagues produced a compact draft in which recent developments of...

17. February 2015

New book: Global perspectives on EV Business Models

E-Mobility NSR project team members, Dr Richard Kotter and Prof Ghanim Putrus, Northumbria...

Transnational survey on potential EV consumer profile starts end of October

21. October 2013

By the end of October 2013, a transnational survey on “ Potential Consumer’s Profile” will go online. As part of the Work Package 3.8, E-Mobility NSR partner Technical University Delft will carry out this web-based survey in seven North Sea Region (NSR) countries to investigate the market potential for EVs through potential consumer profiles. This survey includes questions on household members’ and cars’ characteristics plus their actual travel patterns. To determine travel patterns, distribution of purpose, the distance and frequency of the trips made by the household heads will be analysed with a focus on travel purposes such as work and leisure. Furthermore the respondents’ attitudes and preference for and usage of other transport modes are taken into account.

The results of this survey will help gain insight into the car ownership and use in the participating NSR countries and the extent to which the consumers’ actual travel pattern can be covered by an EV (full electric battery EV or plug-in hybrid). About 300 respondents per country have been selected from medium-sized and large urban areas and from a variety of living environments including a core city, suburbs and nearby towns and villages. The chosen city-regions include Aarhus, Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg, Groningen, Leiden, Ghent, Kingston upon Hull, Newcastle upon Tyne, Kiel and Bremen. Finally, and as always, the results of the survey will be published on www.e-mobility-nsr.eu.