17. June 2015

New Springer publication: E-Mobility in Europe – Trends and Good Practice

Focusing on technical, policy and social/societal practices and innovations for electrified...

17. March 2015

One step at a time: A complexity perspective for the next generation of EV policy

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17. February 2015

New book: Global perspectives on EV Business Models

E-Mobility NSR project team members, Dr Richard Kotter and Prof Ghanim Putrus, Northumbria...

Northumbria research on impact on the network of EV charging presented at EVS27 in Barcelona

16. December 2013

We know that charging the EV in the evening can add to the load on already stressed low voltage networks, and if many people charge their EVs at this time, it could put the lights out. If the EVs were charged after midnight, there is not a problem. The Northumbria paper demonstrates and explains the development of an IT tool which can simulate the power flow, voltage and current over a 24 hour profile. The user can input the number of houses, shops, etc and the number of EVs and when they are being charged. Graphs illustrate where and when the stress points are, so work can be done to solve the issues. The corresponding research paper is available as conference proceedings and thus accessible to academics as well as commercial and professional organisations involved in Electric Vehicle R&D, manufacture or marketing. This work is able to be useful at a development stage further on than that of most academic and university research and this platform will allow that.

Download the paper here.