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LeasePlan partners with MRA Electric to install electric charging stations

23. April 2014

Lease drivers from the provinces of North Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht can easily apply through LeasePlan Nederland for a charging point for their electric car close to their home address. Today the leasing company announces a partnership with Metropolitan Region Amsterdam Electric (MRA-E). This collaboration between LeasePlan and municipalities in North Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht is intended to stimulate the use of electric cars by installing a network of charging stations, among other measures. LeasePlan is the first large leasing company that has entered into a partnership with MRA-E at this level.

While charging points for business fleets are often already arranged, not every motorist has the possibility to charge their electric car at home. In such cases, they depend on a public charging station. Processing an application for a public charging station can take months and not all municipalities have the financial resources to install charging stations themselves. To ensure that there are enough charging points in the public domain and to stimulate electric driving, MRA Electric is rolling out a network of charging stations in North Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht. By co-financing these new charging stations, LeasePlan contributes to the realisation of a network that is accessible to its clients.

LeasePlan is pleased to be the first large leasing company to offer this opportunity to its lease drivers. '"We would like to make electric driving easier for our lease drivers," says Erik Henstra, Director of Services & Operations at LeasePlan Nederland. "By working with MRA-E, we can ensure that more charging facilities are available to our drivers in the places where they need them. This also means that more kilometres can be driven with a plug-in hybrid, which reduces CO2 emissions as well as fuel costs for employers."

Maarten Linnenkamp, Project Manager MRA-E: "Although the cost of a charging pole has reduced significantly in recent years, installing and exploiting a charging pole is still not profitable enough. There still aren't enough electric vehicles on the road, so electricity sales remain low. The market and the government still has to commit the necessary investments to activate the market. LeasePlan's initiative is an important contribution to the realisation of public charging stations. This is great news for the air quality in our cities."

New charging stations will be placed within a radius of 300 metres from the applicants home address, but remain public amenities. Each charging station can charge two vehicles.