17. June 2015

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17. March 2015

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17. February 2015

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E-Mobility NSR best practices: How to implement fast charging infrastructure?

02. June 2014

This best practices report drafted by the E-Mobility NSR team at Lindholmen Science Park, Sweden, is to guide and inform interested parties in drawing the right conclusions when it comes to building an infrastructure of Fast Charging Stations (FCS), marketwise as well as from a very "hands on" perspective. The authors get into rules and regulations that outline definite boundaries as well as the question of feasibility from a practical and economic view. The report includes aspects of installation, demand, function, safety, maintenance, user-friendliness and construction - in other words: how to introduce FCSs.

The function of FCS's are mainly two: extending the range of EV's as well as creating the psychological security to overcome what now is called "range anxiety", the fear of being stranded without "fuel". There is however a lot of question marks that do not have any precise answer. With such a fast evolution in technology, will a major investment now be outdated before it has paid off? The cars, batteries and FCS's are all integrated; a technological leap forward on either part could change the game. Once people have overcome their psychological barriers, will they perhaps optimize their behavior, planning in slow charging at all points making an infrastructural FCS investment obsolete?

The 68-pages report is focused on studying and evaluating best practices of how to implement fast charging stations/infrastructure. The report also aims at studying the necessary requirements that need to be met when prospecting fast charging stations. The authors take a glance at the current market situation and try to highlight considerations important from a developing market point of view. Moreover, from the government side there is pressure to build the infrastructure that electric and hybrid vehicles need, both via incentives and legislation.

· Download the report here or from our info pool