17. June 2015

New Springer publication: E-Mobility in Europe – Trends and Good Practice

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17. March 2015

One step at a time: A complexity perspective for the next generation of EV policy

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17. February 2015

New book: Global perspectives on EV Business Models

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Call for Papers: "E- Mobility in Europe: Trends and Good Practice"

22. November 2013

Electric Mobility is one of the fastest-growing areas in modern times, linking engineering, infra-structure, environment, transport and sustainable development. Electric cars are not only quiet, but do not tailpipe emit climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) nor other tailpipe emissions (NOx, CO, PM) that are harmful to human health. Across the areas of system E-Mobility, namely Smart Cars, Smart Grid, Smart Traffic or Smart Batteries (and perhaps Smart Houses in the future also) and in the production of automobiles themselves, the European automotive and related services industry are investing several billion euros in the coming 10 years, to promote research, develop solutions and business models as to how on how we can secure and maintain our mobility in the future, and hence become less dependent on fossil fuels.

In addition to the car industry, several cities and regions in Europe are developing strategies and action plans to bring forth electro mobility. To achieve this objective, a range of different initiatives are currently being undertaken, so as to seize the potential of electro mobility, especially in terms of local and regional traffic (including commercial). But despite the relevance of the topic, few publications have ever attempted to document promote the wide range of initiatives and projects on electric mobility taking place today.

The book "E- Mobility in Europe: Trends and Good Practice" will address this perceived need. The publication, edited by Walter Leal (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany) as well as Richard Kotter (Northumbria University, UK) and to be published by Springer, one of the top 5 world scientific publishers, will consist of case studies, reports on technological developments and examples of successful installation of infra-structure in cities, which will document current initiatives and serve as an inspiration for others.

· Expressions of interest consisting of a 200 words abstract -containing all contact details of the authors(s)- are now being invited. They should be sent to Prof. Walter Leal at: beids(at)beids.de as soon as possible but no later than the 30th January 2014. Authors of the selected abstracts will be invited to submit full papers, which are due by the 30th April 2014. The publication will be ready in late summer 2014, and will be publically launched at a final gathering of the project "E-Mobility North Sea Region" (www.e-mobility-nsr.eu/) to be held in Hamburg in the first week of September 2014.