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A week full of e-mobility by Province of North Holland and Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam

06. November 2013

Sjoerd Bakker, Delft University of Technology

Full auditorium at the Philharmony at Haarlem

On October 10th, the Dutch E-mobility NSR project partners, Province Noord-Holland and Metropole Region Amsterdam Electric (MRA-E), organized a large international conference to share knowledge, insights, experiences and success on the core themes EV policy, EV practice and EV profitability in Haarlem, Netherlands. More than 90 experts and stakeholders from over eight different countries participated in this Interreg NSR E-mobility conference. The conference focused on cutting-edge EV issues relating policy, practice, and profitability, with Vice Governor Elisabeth Post of the Province of North Holland kicking off the event.

Keynotes from industry, academia and government explored topical issues such as the Dutch approach on electric mobility, a North-Sea region wide analyses of EV infrastructure and policies, clean urban freight solutions, economics of EV charging with renewable energy, state of the art in electric bus, truck and motorcycle practices, ways to incorporate EVs in corporate fleets and the challenge of setting up charging infrastructure in public and private places. Success stories were shared about E-Mobility and strategies were discussed about how to further increase the proliferation of electric vehicles.

The conference covered a wide range of topics, including:

  • Strategies for installing public charging infrastructure in the North Sea region
  • Policies to stimulate EV sales and market growth
  • Case studies about EV successes of countries in the North Sea Region
  • Challenges facing the EV industry and what can be done to solve them
  • E-mobility in public transportation
  • Ideas to stimulate EV use in fleets and public transportation

Find the slides for download at our Info-Pool.

E-mobility is becoming more and more visible in the Dutch urban environment. It has only recently left the pioneers phase and there are positive signs e-mobility is developing into a profitable market. Policy and practice generate useful as well as much needed insights and experiences. The Dutch focus on policy and investments in pilot projects and charging infrastructure generates a national and internationally attractive climate for exchanging knowledge and business investors. For instance, Daimler-Benz started the Car2go-project in Amsterdam with her full-electric fleet, Tesla located their first European Distribution Center in Tilburg and recently opened their flag ship store in the center of Amsterdam. On the small island Schiermonnikoog in the north of the Netherlands, all public buses drive fully electric.