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EMIC in Bremen

Regionale Projektleitstelle der Modellregion Elektromobilität Bremen/Oldenburg
Parkallee 301
28213 Bremen
Phone: +49 (0) 421 –5665 418
Fax: +49 (0) 421 –5665 499
E-Mail: kontakt(at)
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Alter Wandrahm 6
20457 Hamburg

Hoeje Taastrup

EMIC in Hoeje Taastrup, Denmark

Bygaden 2
DK-2630 Taastrup

Tina Faber – e-mobility coordinator / Klimasekretariatet i Høje Tåstrup Kommune
Phone: +45 4330 1279
E-Mail: emobility(at)

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EMIC in Amsterdam

More information:
Christine van’t Hull
E-mail: chull(at)



1. The EMIC is currently houses at the public science education centre NEMO , with spectacular views over the inner city and old harbour. In NEMO is the “Everyone Electric” exhibition, where the yearly 500.000 visitors can get an impression of a sustainable future with electric cars, smart grids and sustainable energy at home;

2. Groups from all over the world visit this EMIC to get updated upon e-mobility in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. For example, a group of representatives from the Danish Capital Region visited the EMIC last October and apparently were quite inspired by the developments;

3. The thrill of the first time driving an electric car is often an effective means of getting people (preferably decision makers) enthusiastic about e-mobility. Therefore we are working on a road show where they can make test drives and receive information on costs, charging points etc.

4. Last but not least every 2 months this EMIC organises an informal network- and information meeting.


Apart from physical appearance the Amsterdam EMIC provides some virtual information services.  The metropolitan website on e-mobility in the Amsterdam area: For this we have ourselves inspired by the website that is made by the Hoje Taastrup partner. Secondly, we actively contribute to the development of a new national portal on e-mobility This because fragmentation of e-mobility websites is a growing issue and therefore we should join forces.

Thirdly the EMIC launched a semiformal blog, which has the advantage that it facilitates easy contribution, informal exchange of ideas and audiovisual inspiration, discussion and ‘spreading the word’.

EMIC in Amsterdam

The EMIC located in the city of Amsterdam is called Amsterdam Metropolitan Area Electric (MRA-E). It primarily acts as an information centre for the whole of the metropolitan region. In addition to the 39 local and regional authorities in the area, several (non) profit organizations receive information from MRA-E, sent in their questions and share knowledge or best practices.

In order to satisfy the still noticeable demand for hard copy information, EMIC Amsterdam recently published a brochure on e-mobility in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. This brochure focuses on the different target groups we work with and shows that we are open for new initiatives and collaboration.

Find the brochure here.