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Høje-Taastrup Kommune and The Federation of Danish Motorists cooperate on EVs

11. June 2012

06 June 2012, Høje-Taastrup, Denmark

As part of the transnational E-Mobility NSR project, HTK has agreed to undertake the task of informing European motorists on EVs and EV infrastructure. To ensure proper unbiased information to consumers, HTK has teamed up with FDM.

FDM’s, main purpose is to ensure that HTK provides unbiased information about EVs, when the Municipality opens the doors to the future E-Mobility Information Centre (EMIC) in Hedehusene in 2013.

The Cooperation Agreement was signed by the Mayor, Mr. Michael Ziegler and FDM CEO, Mr. Thomas Møller Thomsen on June 6, 2012 at the Town Hall.

”We truly appreciate that FDM is able to help us ensure that we only provide correct information to consumers on EVs and e-mobility in general. FDM possess the necessary expert knowledge and credibility, as the Federation – not only wish to generate green traffic – but also aims at ensuring the motorists’ interests as consumers,” says, Mr. Michael Ziegler, Mayor.

HTK's main task is to establish a virtual and physical E-Mobility Information Centre (EMIC) for EVs. In this respect FDM is obliged to assess whether the information provided from this centre meets the demands for impartiality. FDM undertakes to provide independent knowledge and experience in the field of EVs, such as testing results etc.

”EVs have created much attention and raised many questions in terms of e-mobility. Being a consumer association for motorists, FDM is pleased to be coaching partner for HTK in this exiting E-Mobility project, in which we undertake to provide independent knowledge and experience to those consumers, who are considering e-mobility solutions in terms of EVs”, says FDM CEO Mr. Thomas Møller Thomsen.