17. June 2015

New Springer publication: E-Mobility in Europe – Trends and Good Practice

Focusing on technical, policy and social/societal practices and innovations for electrified...

17. March 2015

One step at a time: A complexity perspective for the next generation of EV policy

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17. February 2015

New book: Global perspectives on EV Business Models

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Final call: International conference “E-Mobility in the North Sea Region - experience and recommendations for development from current and future EV users”

27. February 2013

On 7 March 2013, the Danish E-Mobility NSR partner Høje Taastrup organises a large public event on “E-Mobility in the North Sea Region - experience and recommendations for development from current and future EV users” at the Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup, Denmark. The conference focuses on EV user experience in the private and the public sector.

Outcomes of the conference will be insights into the future of EVs in Europe based on user experiences. The conference aims at different target groups (e.g. governmental and public institutions, suppliers, universities, members of the Press, fleet owners and e-mobility NSR project partners.)

Conference venue:
Danish Technological Institute
Gregersensvej 1
DK-2630 Taastrup 

Municipality of Høje Taastrup
Tina Faber
Phone: +45 2164 2478 
Email: tinafab(at)htk.dk

Katrine Bjerregaard
Phone: +45 7731 0932 
Email: kb(at)maritimecenter.dk


Welcome and introduction
Lars Overgaard, Danish Technological Institute, DK
Presentation 01

Welcome speech by INTERREG Secretariat
Lise Espersen, Interreg IVB North Sea Secretariat, DK
Presentation 02

Roadmap, Projects and Future Plans of the European Green Cars Initiative PPP
Dr. Beate Müller, Humboldt University in Berlin, VDI|VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, GER
Presentiation 03

A real life perspective on EVs from a private EV owner
Steen Frederiksen, Private Renault Fluenze Z.E. owner, DK
Presentation 04

Why do we find EVs interesting – and why have we not yet included them in our fleet?
Søren Tscherning, Tscherning, DK
Presentation 05

An EV fleet operator’s experience with Evs
Steen Olsen, Municipality of Høje Taastrup, DK
Presentation 06

Barriers for EVs in the public sector
Jens Larsen, Municipality of Greve, DK
Presentation 07

Should public organisations be first movers on Evs
Frank ten Wolde, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Rijkswaterstaat, NL
Presentation 08

Results from two demonstration projects focussing on large scale real life EV user experiences
Alexander Schou Nielsen, Clever, “Test an EV” and Kjeld Nørregaard, Danish Technological Institute, “Prøv1elbil ”, DK
Presentation 09