17. June 2015

New Springer publication: E-Mobility in Europe – Trends and Good Practice

Focusing on technical, policy and social/societal practices and innovations for electrified...

17. March 2015

One step at a time: A complexity perspective for the next generation of EV policy

A Dutch team of E-Mobility NSR colleagues produced a compact draft in which recent developments of...

17. February 2015

New book: Global perspectives on EV Business Models

E-Mobility NSR project team members, Dr Richard Kotter and Prof Ghanim Putrus, Northumbria...

EU Financing Programme to be expanded

25. June 2012

The German Association of electric mobility reported on Wednesday that the EU’s Industry Commissioner Antonia Tajani intends to increase the supporting scheme for environmentally friendly vehicles by 50 % to 1.5 bn Euro. In the frame of the release of the latest “Cars21” report, Tajani presented key messages and underscored the continued importance of the production of cars in the EU. First measures shall include increased public funding, a clever and selective legislation and increased trade efforts which shall contribute to improved market access outside the EU. Find the complete report and further information on the “Cars21” working group here.