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35 mayors gave EVs a try

28. March 2012

35 Danish mayors visited Høje-Taastrup Town hall on Tuesday, 31 January 2012.

In agreement with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation (DN in the following), Høje-Taastrup has committed itself to reduce CO2 emissions by 2% each year, and this event was an introduction to our local energy and climate plan and the measures used to achieve these goals. The event was a part of the Danish Nature-conservation-association climate-activity and was organised by the E-Mobility NSR team.

The purpose of this event was to inspire and encourage other municipalities to take action on climate protection efforts and in many cases, creatively launched local energy efficiency programs to help reduce our carbon footprint in Danish cities. The Town Hall has been given one of the largest solar cell facility which provides 116.000 kWh per annum, and the municipality has specific focus on e-mobility in terms of EVs. Apart from this, all mayors were given the opportunity to see a brand new movie on the total climate efforts made within the Høje-Taastrup municipality.

Prior to this event meticulous planning with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation has been carried out. This implied to ensure a number of 18 EVs to transport the mayors from Taastrup to Copenhagen. The mayors were inspired by the practical settlement of the event.

This event was disseminated through TV-Lorry the same evening, and via HTK and DN home pages and local newspapers, subsequently.

See the movie about Hoeje-Taastrup and the EVs here (in Danish language):